How to gameshare on Xbox one

About game sharing process

Gamesharing is a special feature that Xbox one has. You can share all of your games and Xbox live gold with your friends or with any other family members. Both of two sharing people can share games with each other. Searching for a good advisor who can help you out! Yes ! you came to the right place.

We are going to share a detailed process with you. If you want to save money in gaming purpose then game sharing is a very useful process. Before you start the mechanical process of game sharing you have to ensure that you have a trustful friend or any family participant. If you have the other's Xbox Live login information then it will also make a way. You should also have an Xbox live account also.

Steps are described below

  1. Gathering of your friend's or family member's account
    You have to share your account information with your friend. If your friend has blind faith on you then you can put his/her password on your Xbox one console and you have to do the same next. There you find an access key. The system will not be able to remember your password.

  2. Processes to create a _new account”
    • You have to open the Xbox home screen at first. A box named "drop-down" on your avatar will flash in the top left corner.
    • An option "add new" will be there. Put a new email address on this.
    • An option "choose this person" will be on the screen. You have to sign in by clicking that option.

  3. Home console set-up
    You have already signed in into your friend's account. At first select "settings". Then "my Xbox" option needs to be selected. After that select "my home Xbox". To end this procedure click on "make this my home Xbox".

4.The download process of your friend's game
You have already set the system as home Xbox with the help of your friend's account. Now log out his or her account. your own account needs to be logged in after that. After signing in your own profile, click the option "my games and apps". Then click "games". Scroll down and you will find "ready to install" option. Now you are ready to download your favorite game.

Some important fact
• this is a process which works only for digital games.
• Xbox lives gold benefits are available in-game sharing.
• you two are allowed to play a shared game at the same time.
• as per rule you can change the settings " My home Xbox" five times in a year, so you can't change that setting too frequently. keep it in mind.
• changing the password will not affect gaming, but you should not change the "home Xbox".


If any unknown person asks for gameshare, please don't, because your payment information will be available to him/ her. In your account, you might be paid through some online or offline bank account. So he/she will get to know all the bank account details .so be careful about that.